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In Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, amongst vines with Lirac-Cru des Côtes du Rhône appellation,
Domaine d’Arbousset crafts wine meticulously from the vine to the cellar.

This family-run, independent estate with organic certification
produces a precise and harmonious wine,
while striving to perpetuate their expertise and core values of legacy,
sustainability and creativity.


Combining legacy and creation
Domaine d'Arbousset is a family-run estate, handed down from generation to generation. Gérald Lafont grew up surrounded by vines. He followed in his father Yvon’s footsteps in 2003, carrying forward the values bestowed on him by previous generations.

Constantly looking for ways to innovate, Gérald shares his high-standards and passion for creating wine with Julie Rouffignac. The result is wine brimming with sunshine and love. Each year a new vintage is created but the wine is never the same!

The couple’s independence, high standards and strong capacity for innovation result in exceptional wines. They pool their expertise, sustained by a dream to pass it on to their two sons, Rafael and Maxime.


An organic vineyard
Driven by their shared passion for winemaking, Julie and Gérald began using organic practices at the outset, when they created the Domaine.

They focus their efforts on a single wine which has no additives and is made with respect for the environment:

manual weeding, organic winemaking methods, biodynamic agriculture, and manual harvesting with stringent sorting.

This winemaking couple produces excellent wine with ethical and sustainable practices.

Their secret? Patience and careful observation of the vine’s cycle.

Samples of the grapes are regularly picked and tasted by the family as they ripen. They take time to reflect and imagine their next wine while choosing the optimal time for harvest.

The alchemy of the earth and grape varieties is fundamental, ensuring an elegant and individual wine.



Domaine d’Arbousset’s grapes grow on several plots amidst scrub and arid lands with Mistral wind.
The soil is conducive to making wine improves with age.


Cuvée la Vigne d'Yvon
With quality as their goal, Domaine d'Arbousset focuses on a single wine: "La Vigne d’Yvon".

Older vintages are highly regarded but our wine can be enjoyed at all stages of its life, including in its early years. Full-bodied, it is built on freshness and elegance. The complexity is refined as it ages. The intense nose evokes nature. The palate has floral notes and offers beautiful aromas of red and black berries.
Consummate winemakers, Julie and Gérald are also passionate winegrowers who focus on the quality of their grapes. Quite simply: good grapes don’t require much meddling to make good wine.

The fermentation process is natural, with no additives or yeast. The wine is neither clarified nor filtered. The grapes are simply turned into wine, then cellared for about two years.

The process is carefully prepared to ensure the soul of each vintage and each plot is fully expressed.


2010: Freshness. End of dry season. No “coulure” in the Grenaches with a stunning harvest. Pleasant acidity and tannin concentration. This complex vintage reflects the land.

2011: High yield. Fuller body, sweetness with less tannin. Light but powerful.

2012: Fresh and elegant. Usual production with a well-respected proportion of varieties. Late vintage, balanced, with finesse. A varietal character.

2013: An excellent vintage. Very late maturity. High “coulure” in the Grenaches. A smooth, powerful and velvety wine.

2014: High-yield vintage with abundant Grenache. Abundant rain produced a less concentrated juice. Fruitier and full-bodied with sweetness. We waited for maturity and sorted carefully to remove damaged grapes. A smooth vintage which ages well.

2015: Sunny, rich, powerful, concentrated and tannic. Distinct blackcurrant aromas. Normal yield.

2016: High yield, ages well. An exceptional vintage. Lovely freshness, finesse, elegance, fruity with good aging potential.

2017: Low yield. A sunny, powerful and concentrated vintage.


Our wines reflect our methods and our spirit.

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